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138: Richard Smith – The Keto-Pro

May 4, 2023

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
138: Richard Smith - The Keto-Pro

Richard Smith

 Richard Smith was 33 when he learned he was Type II diabetic with a body fat percentage just under 60%. He suffered with other ailments that impacted his life. After a ‘Well Man’ test with my doctor the found out his blood glucose levels were through the roof, blood pressure was high, kidneys were in bad shape and Pattern B LDL cholesterol was high. 

Richard hated his life and something had to change. His friend Jonathan introduced him to keto. Within the first month, he lost 2 stone. By month 4, he had lost an amazing 4 stone – that’s 56lbs in 120 days! Over 12 months, his total loss of body fat was over 100lbs.

Richard is a Nutritionist, Professional Athlete and British Champion. He felt like he had a secret, a secret he needed to share with the world and help transform the health and lives of others, so he set up Keto-Pro.

Keto-Pro provides the support and the supplements that help people as they adopt the diet. They also make sure that people have access to affordable, high premium products that pack in a tonne of health benefits.

Today, Richard has thousands of customers who have transformed how they look and feel. 


Richard’s Top Tips

  1. Remove the grains.
  2. Remove the seed oils.
  3. Lower carbohydrate consumption.
  4. Add in or increase animal proteins


Resources Mentioned

116: Geraint Hole – From Long Term Anxiety To Taking On Life

111: Ella and Mark Brereton – Keto Fitness Club


Quotes by Richard Smith

“I actively tried to consume the foods that we were told were good for us, the foods that  we needed to consume to be fit and healthy. These just seemed to make me worse.” 

“I deleted the photos and never showed anyone because I was so embarrassed about the way I looked.” 

“The mental clarity that I had was one that I hadn’t experienced since I was a child.” 

“I decided to ignore their advice and persevere.”

“Within the fitness community we are told that we need carbohydrates for energy to train and we need carbohydrates to build muscle.”

“Their first reaction is “Well my doctor say this” – A doctor isn’t a nutritionist.”  

“Consuming that bowl of muesli in the morning signals the body to store fat as well as causing autoimmune disease.”

“Cholesterol is not the cause of cardiovascular disease.” 

“We put these foods in that are damaging our bodies, even to the extent with cancers. Cancer cells are fueled by glucose.”

“Anything that you can think of seems to stem from insulin resistance and inflammation.”

“I will tell the restaurant that I am allergic to vegetable oil.”

“I love the foods that I eat and I could never go back to these fake foods, these Frankenfoods that are found within the supermarket that we have unfortunately been brainwashed to believe are healthy.”

“Living this lifestyle is a healing lifestyle and the weight loss is a side effect.”

“I take my hat off to them. They have created a perfect business model that generates stupid amounts of money but unfortunately millions and millions of people are dying off the back of them profiting.”

“We are told that LDL is bad (it can be) but in nature and a natural state it isn’t. LDL is, in fact, what heals the body. LDL heals the body and LDL repairs the body.”

“Cholesterol is the substance that’s trying to heal and repair the body.”

“We need to be looking at the root cause and addressing that problem at the root cause, not addressing the symptom.”

“As a people, as we grow up, we tend to follow our parents. We blame a lot of our ill health on our genes.”

“I don’t consume these exotic fruits that are flown in from all over the world that are contributing to these environmental impacts.”


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