May 11


139: Ally Houston and Rachel Brown – Metabolic Health For Mental Health

May 11, 2023

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
139: Ally Houston and Rachel Brown - Metabolic Health For Mental Health

Ally Houston and Rachel Brown

 Ally Houston is a former physicist who fixed his brain with food. After adopting a ketogenic diet seven years ago he changed career to empower others to turn their health around like he did.

 Dr Rachel Brown is a Consultant Psychiatrist and certified functional medicine practitioner. Dr Brown is an advocate for metabolic psychiatry and the use of nutritional ketosis in the treatment of major mental disorder. Dr Brown is trained in the use of Ketogenic diets for mental disorder by Dr Georgia Ede and is a published author in this field. She is also a Nutrition Network Advisor and is a coach for metabolic mental health strategies at

Rachel Brown’s Top Tips

  1. Know yourself – What is your Why, what’s your reason, what’s important for you.
  2. Get support.
  3. Question everything – do you own research and think critically.

Ally Houston’s Top Tips

  1. Personalise your own health journey.
  2. Do things you love. Eat foods you love.
  3. Ask yourself every day if you are being kind to yourself.
  4. Name your internal sabateur.


Ally Houston and Rachel Brown’s Books

Metabolic Madness: Understand Why Metabolic Health Is Key to Mental Health (Your Keys to Success) – Dr Rachel Brown

Paleo Canteen Low Carb On A Budget: The Easy Weight Loss Low Carb Cookbook (1) (The Ultimate Low Carb Cookbooks) – John Meechan, Ally Houston


Resources Mentioned

Vanessa Spina

Ketogenic Girl

Beef Farm


Quotes by Ally Houston and Rachel Brown

I was scared for the first 6 months, I thought when is my heart going to explode.” – Ally Houston

Scotland has been seen as the sickman of Europe.” – Ally Houston

The less sun you have the younger you die.” – Ally Houston

Isolation is one of the worst emotions in terms of stress response that you elicit in the body.” – Dr Rachel Brown

You end up with situations where broccoli wins.” – Ally Houston

You can jack up the amount of energy you are producing by positively affecting what foods you’re choosing to put in.

I have found as time has gone on, I agree less and less with the separation amongst the different medical specialties.” – Dr Rachel Brown

There’s nervous system signalling from the gut to the brain.” – Dr Rachel Brown

Gliadin, which is a wheat protein component, interacts with the receptor in the intestine wall and opens up the tight junctions to give you leaky gut.” – Dr Rachel Brown

One of the big factors seems to be having high levels of insulin over the course of your lifetime.” – Dr Rachel Brown

Wheat can actually precede psychosis.” – Ally Houston

Sometimes coeliac is only diagnosed when people get cancer.” – Ally Houston

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The Fabulously Keto Diet & Lifestyle Journal: A 12-week journal to support new habits – Jackie Fletcher

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