June 15


144: Jenny Phillips – Inspired Nutrition

June 15, 2023

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
144: Jenny Phillips - Inspired Nutrition

Jenny Phillips

 Jenny Phillips is a quaified nutritionist and yoga teacher, and part of the team writing five diabetes and weightloss cookbooks with Katie Caldesi and Dr David Unwin. These books really help to change lives as they provide the ‘why” – the science- plus delicious recipes.

She has worked with food since her own recovery from breast cancer in 2003 (20 years ago!) where the appliance of science helped her to optimise her own health through food and lifestyle. So far she is on the right side of a predicted 50% chance of a recurrence (scary!) and has reverse aged in the process!

In addition to nutrition coaching and yoga classes, she offers fabulous low carb retreats in the West country – a chill zone for healthy living.


Jenny’s Top Tips

  1. Make your kitchen somewhere, where you want to be.
  2. Recycle your meals.
  3. Think about tomorrow – today.


Jenny’s Books

Eat to Outsmart Cancer: How to create optimal health for prevention & recovery – Jenny Phillips

The Diabetes Weight-loss Cookbook (Kyle Books, 2019)

Reverse Your Diabetes Cookbook (Kyle Books, 2020)

The 30-Minute Diabetes Cookbook (Kyle Books, 2021)

The Low-Carb Weight-Loss Cookbook (Kyle Books, March 2022)

The Low-Carb Italian Kitchen (working title) (Kyle Books, March 23)


Resources Mentioned

Katie Caldesi

117: Katie Caldesi – Low Carb the Caldesi Way

Dr David Unwin

066: Dr David Unwin – The Low Carb GP

Dr Jen Unwin

037: Dr Jen Unwin – Fork In The Road

Protein Calculator

Food Tracking – Cronometer

Caldesi Restaurants


Quotes by Jenny Phillips

“You then get the risk of recurrence, because my cancer was really big and it was grade 4, so it was really active. It tends to be in younger women and it tends to be really nasty. My risk of recurrence was 50%.

“As a nation we are overfed and undernourished.

“I love this idea of reverse aging.

“The nice thing about low carb is that it can be really simple.

“That gives people a lot more satiety, so they are not ravenous all the time and it is quite a revelation very often for people.

“We didn’t used to have Tescos on every corner when we were cavemen.

“One thing I see quite a lot of particularly in healthier women or women that perceive they have a healthy diet is low protein.

“I do think it is challenging if someone is excluding all animal products.

“You don’t want to spend all your time as a slave to the oven.

“People are also quite shocked, they seem to eat so much really good food and they don’t put on weight. So that’s a bit of a revelation to people.

“Think about tomorrow today.


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