June 29


146: Geraint Hole – Heart attack survivor!!!

June 29, 2023

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146: Geraint Hole - Heart attack survivor!!!

Geraint Hole

 I’m 57 and I am a husband to Louise, my rock and sweetheart. I’m a dad to our 2 grown ups kids, and a grandad (Grampy) to my daughters’ 4 beautiful children. I work as an Employment Specialist for a mental health charity supporting people with serious and long term mental health issues to find meaningful paid employment.

Having been following a keto / low carb lifestyle since October 2020 and leading what I believed to be a much more healthy and active lifestyle, in January 2023 I suffered a major heart attack!!! I’d had some warning signs a few weeks earlier and had ignored them, but this was such a shock too, a literal and physical bolt from the blue!!!

I was rushed to hospital and had a stent inserted into the main coronary artery, and another artery cleared with a balloon. Because the blockage was in the main artery, the heart attack affected a large part of the heart and caused a large amount of damage, and I was told I had been left with serious heart failure, which meant my heart wasn’t able to pump as much blood with each beat. 

I knew this was as a result of my poor lifestyle and dietary choices, together with my poor mental health issues catching up with me!

In the 4 months since the heart attack I have followed my own path to recovery and chosen to not follow the standard of care from the NHS.


Stephen’s Top Tips

  1. Know your Why.
  2. Plan and prepare.
  3. Get outside.


Resources Mentioned

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The Clot Thickens: The enduring mystery of heart disease – Dr Malcolm Kendrick

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