August 31


155: Elizabeth Bright – Menopause: Good Fat Is Good For Women

August 31, 2023

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
155: Elizabeth Bright - Menopause: Good Fat Is Good For Women

Dr Elizabeth Bright

 Elizabeth Bright DO, ND, a graduate of Columbia University, is a highly respected American Osteopath and Naturopath living in Italy. She is former Chef-owner of Coppi’s Organic and The Vigorelli Restaurants in Washington, D.C. 

She is a master in Chau Ka Kung Fu. 

She has been eating a high-fat carnivore diet and has been using it as a treatment modality since 2016.

She is 60 years old and an avid stand-up paddle boarder.

She is the author of Good Fat is Good for Women: Menopause


Dr Elizabeth’s Top Tips

  1. Eat a lot of animal fat, mostly carnivore.
  2. If you are ill do an elimination diet to see if there is a food that is causing inflammation.


Resources Mentioned

Suzanne Somers

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Quotes by Dr Elizabeth Bright

“Historically, women have been viewed as a failed version of the mail body.”

“Having babies is nutritionally expensive.”

“Men assume that if you can’t reproduce there is something wrong with you.”

“Women need fat to make hormones.”

“Women need more fat than men.”

“You can’t make energy out of protein. Your body will avoid turning protein into energy.”

“You need a lot of nutritional energy to heal.”

“I am not a fan of fasting because it abuses cortisol.”

“Most people who cannot lose weight are incredibly inflamed and their stress response is hyper-vigilant.”

“Women need to eat meat, women need to eat fat.”

“Children – the brain functions better on high fat carnivore diet.”

Latest Posts

  • I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have come across this conversation with Dr Bright! In 2000 I had my thyroid removed because it had a nodule, and have been suffering from fatigue ever since. In 2021 I was able to afford 2 appointments with a local Naturopathic physician who prescribed Desiccated beef liver and cod liver oil daily. This has been very helpful, but I’m still suffering from fatigue, not as bad, but still. After listening to Dr Bright I now understand why! As soon as I finish writing I’m buying dedicated thyroid on line!! My question is; I could only find two sources of actual Desiccated thyroid, one is 25mg the other 200mg, both don’t seem correct?? What would be a suggested dose to start with? 62 year old female, about 150 lbs? I couldn’t possibly afford a trip to Italy 😉

    • I do not know enough to advise on supplements. What I will say is Dr Bright consults online so you could reach out to her and find out how that works.

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