September 7


156: Matthew Dowse – Human Nutrition Lifestyle

September 7, 2023

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
156: Matthew Dowse - Human Nutrition Lifestyle

Matthew Dowse

 Matthew Dowse is a sports science nutritionist who specialises in nutritional therapy and dietary education. At Human Nutrition & Lifestyle we are committed to forming relationships with patients looking to lose or manage their weight, deal with chronic diseases, build bio-individual nutrition plans, reach personal goals and much much more. We are here to improve quality of life, health, nutrition & lifestyle choices.

Nutrition for athletes to find their optimal performance is a unique interest of mine, but everyday nutrition must come first. Exercise alone cannot get you into a pure fat burning metabolism. Finding the correct nutrition to run alongside your exercises or training is paramount. Some kind of exercise, especially strength exercises are a must for an optimal healthy lifestyle, but a bigger consideration is to get nutrition right first.

I’m on a mission to ensure as many people recognise this as possible.


Matthew’s Top Tips

  1. Reduce the amount of processed food you have.
  2. Add in a little bit more exercise.
  3. Proritise sleep – get 7-8 hours of sleep.

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The Fabulously Keto Diet & Lifestyle Journal: A 12-week journal to support new habits – Jackie Fletcher

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Quotes by Matthew Dowse

“I was following the same principles I had been taught 25 years ago, I was following carb loading.”

“Human cells want protein and fats, they don’t want carbohydrates.”

“The best nutrition you could be getting, is the one that gives you the most nutrients.”

“It’s all about bio-availability.”

“When I am looking for optimal performance, I want that extra little 1% out of myself.”

“When you are in this real food environment, it seems like everyone else is stuffing things into your face on purpose.”

“I like to know that my kids are getting nutrition and I like to know I am getting nutrition.”

“My daddy likes steaks not cakes.”

“I am that 1% of person who pushes the boundaries and wants to go to the very edge and wants to get that extra little bit.”

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