November 16


166: Anna Frueling – Addiction Is A Disease

November 16, 2023

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Fabulously Keto
166: Anna Frueling - Addiction Is A Disease

Anna Fruehling

 Anna Fruehling is a recovering addict with 34 years clean. When she realised sugar acts as the gateway drug, priming the brain for all other addictions, a light bulb went off! 

It is her purpose and privilege to help others recover fully from all outlets of the deadly disease of addiction. She is the author of An Altered Spirit, The 12 Steps and Ebenezer Scrooge (all proceeds will benefit places like First Step Home). 

As co-founder of SUGARx Global, Anna helped develop a system based on CARE (Connection, Action Steps, Recovery Protection, and Education) as the foundation for addicts to Grow. Recover. Transform. It’s her purpose and her privilege to help others recover through holistic practices that help heal your metabolism, mind, and spirit.


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Anna’s Books

An Altered Spirit: The Twelve Steps and Ebenezer ScroogeAnna Fruehling


Anna’s Top Tips

  1. No matter where you are at – start – make one small move.
  2. Stupid plan – how the stupid plan – take aim, if the arrow falls short – make another stupid plan.
  3. Don’t believe everything your brain tells you about yourself and don’t believe anything bad your brain tells you.

Resources Mentioned

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David Wolfe

Bitten Jonsson

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