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190: Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine – The Journal of Metabolic Health

May 2, 2024

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Fabulously Keto
190: Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine - The Journal of Metabolic Health

Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine

 When Pam Devine turned 47 she was super excited that she had found something that helped her to lose the weight that she had put on since turning 40. Up until that point no matter what she did she couldn’t lose it.  Pam felt she worked out more than many of the people she encountered during her workday and was getting super frustrated with her failure to keep her weight under control.  

Once she and her partner Doug Reynolds found keto and changed their way of eating the weight dropped away and she found peace of mind, feeling totally satiated and more focused than she has ever been. Best yet, the ups and downs of blood sugar roller coaster have calmed and she feels like she found food freedom, lowering her growing anxiety of not knowing what to eat for health.

Now with Doug, Pam hosts the Low Carb USA events that bring together medical professionals and experts in the low carb / keto / carnivore world to share their knowledge and the latest research with other health professionals and non-healthcare people. They are working towards halting the catastrophic rise in obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic diseases that we’ve seen since 1977.

Pam is also one of the key Founding Members and Volunteers of The Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners.

Doug Reynolds is the Founder and CEO of LowCarbUSA® and President of the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners.  

LowCarbUSA (now called Symposium of Metabolic Health) provides a platform for internationally renowned scientists and medical practitioners to present the ever-increasing body of evidence on the benefits of reducing carbohydrates in the diet and adding in healthy fats. It has now evolved into one of the primary resources for the low carb community.  This includes a huge library of educational videos, a growing database of practitioners and dietitians and sports trainers who are open to the carb restriction conversation as well as a searchable database for papers and articles covering the research into the evidence supporting this lifestyle.  

The SMHP is a non-profit for practitioners focused on metabolic health and they have a panel of advisors to oversee the creation and maintenance of a set of ‘Clinical Guidelines for Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction’ which was first published in May, 2019.  The SMHP also defines numerous pathways for accreditation and the forums encourage open discussion which helps to establish Standard of Care around carbohydrate restriction.

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Doug Reynold’s and Pam Devine Top Tips

Pam Top Tips

  1. Keep your cooking simple.
  2. If you are struggling to start or stick to it – look at food addiction and get some help.
  3. If you can tolerate them – make substitutions

Doug Top Tips

  1. Be open minded and don’t be dogmatic.
  2. Help people who are interested in keto to be successful.
  3. Be supportive – don’t be judgmental of people who say it is too hard or can’t get started.


Resources Mentioned

For a discount for Symposium of Metabolic Health use coupon code FABULOUSLYKETO for a 20% discount


The Journal of Metabolic Health

Nutrition Network

Ketogenic: The Science of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction in Human Health – Tim Noakes, Tamzyn Murphy, Neville Wellington and more 

The SMHP scientific papers

Dave Feldman – Citizen Science

164: Dr Laura Buchannan – Ageing Successfully

181: Dr Matt Calkins – Prevention Better Than Cure

PHC UK Conference

086: Carrie Brown – Chow, Cooking, Cats and Cameras

162: Dr Bret Scher – Metabolic Mind for Improving Mental Health

185: Kent Bray – Messages of Hope From A Cocaine Addict

166: Anna Frueling – Addiction Is A Disease

Fat Fiction


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