May 9


191: Maia Sutherland – And Now For Something A Little Different

May 9, 2024

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Fabulously Keto
191: Maia Sutherland - And Now For Something A Little Different

Maia Sutherland

 Maia Sutherland says:

I am a life-long vegetarian turned carnivore. Now with far too much actual fuel going to my brain, I have become utterly obsessed with the topic and writing a book hoping to inspire people to spend parts of their life in ketosis and reduce their disharmonies. 

The intention of the book is that anyone from any country, religion, education and budget, can benefit from applying what is laid out inside it. Other than that, I am also studying with Dr Nasha Winters, mostly for my own understanding rather than as a potential job. 

I also make a superb line of unique jewellery often combining precious stones with 2000 year old beads and some gold! 

Since carnivore for the first time in my life I can sleep through the night, and do maths and I marvel at how it buffers mental states such as depression and anxiety. Perhaps because I have more mental energy to think, I am more angry, or perhaps that is the peri-menopause which is a whole other conversation. I am totally in love with the subject of health, and through keto, carnivore and low carb, my understanding has gone through a huge upgrade. I am also a trained acupuncturist since 2002 and was a masseur for 12 years.

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Resources Mentioned

Bird Group

World Council For Health


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