May 30


194: Martin Gillespie – The Wellness Warrior

May 30, 2024

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Fabulously Keto
Fabulously Keto
194: Martin Gillespie - The Wellness Warrior


Martin Gillespie

 Martin Gillespie is an award winning Global Leader in Metabolic Health and Wellbeing. He has specialised in the delivery of speaking engagements across the globe on the topics of:

  • Metabolic Wellbeing
  • Men’s Health and Wellbeing
  • Cancer Survivor to Thriver
  • Corporate Stress Management
  • You are the CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of the largest asset in the world, your Health.

Key clients have included Global Technology organisations, Health platforms, Cyber Security Organisations, Financial Institutions, Higher Education Organisations, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Banking Sector, and Insurance.

Martin is a believer that change is necessary in society, including the teaching of wellness, good nutrition, holistic health, connection, and optimism. He is a curious learner of life and an advocate that the most valuable asset in one’s life is one’s health.

From a personal standpoint, Martin has also overcome personal trauma and stage 4 cancer in 2012, so he lives the lifestyle he advocates for, and knows firsthand its value.

A regular columnist for several global media outlets, and an International Best selling Author (2021 Amazon, The Power of Reinvention), Martin holds a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree, post qualifications in mental health, Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, and host of a podcast series – ‘Metabolic Wellbeing without the BS’. He encourages all to “ABC”— Always Be Curious.


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Martin’s Top Tips

  1. Be kind to yourself.
  2. Tell your inner circle that you are on this pathway to health.
  3. Value your sleep.
  4. If you are a night worker or shift worker, ask for help from your tribe


Martin’s Book


The Power of Reinvention: Personal Stories of How Our Greatest Challenges Become The Catalyst to Reinvent Our Life!


Resources Mentioned

Fat Cow Tallow Skincare


Martin’s recipe for washing and cleaning:

Magnesium salts, bicarbonate soda and essential oils. Martin’s preference is eucalyptus oil. 

It is easy to make as these are available in sainsburys, B&M, Amazon. 

2/3rds salts, 1/3 bicarbonate soda. Then a few drops of oils.  Vinegar can also be used.

This not only cleans clothes but also the washing machine.

Can also be used in dishwasher but with Vinegar not the oils, to clean kitchen utensils, cutlery.


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